Since its founding, 130 years ago, the focus of the Victorinox watch company has been based on tradition, quality and innovation. The philosophy of the family company is based on solid values that ensure continuous growth.
Due to its history and experience, Victorinox is known for its “Swiss precision” as well as the excellent price-quality ratio of its watches.

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Zeno Watch Basel

Zeno-Watch Basel has been an independent Swiss watchmaking firm since 1922. This family company is known for its extraordinary and functional watches. Their watches, mechanical or quartz, are produced in small batches. Wrist and pocket watches are offered. Zeno-Watch Basel is a house known for its quality and affordable prices.

Claude Bernard

Claude Bernard is a Swiss watchmaking house. Every watch assembled in the company’s workshops is part of high qualityproduction. The method of production is the same for generations and implies the experience and passion of a watchmaker in the Claude Bernard company.

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Rapport London

Since 1898, Rapport London has been a manufacturer of handmade luxury watch accessories. Their products are synonymous for style and quality. The offer includes automatic watch fans, storage boxes for watches and jewelry, as well as additional leather accessories. All products are made to the highest standards and offer a variety of models and colors of their products.
All Rapport watch winding boxes have designed mechanisms with several types of settings that can be adjusted to each watch.


Kuki is a family company from Slovenia that has been producing high quality watch straps since 1963. KUKI appeared on the international market in 1991 when it participated for the first time in Baselworld. Today, Kuki sells its watch straps in more than 20 countries around the world. The quality of Kuki leather watch straps is a combination of handwork and modern technology. Their leather straps are produced in a large selection of different skin types.

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